Private Ånterprise «AVEYPLAST»

was founded in Ukraine in 2009, effectively continuing and expanding successful businesses of the parent company, which works effectively in this market in the Republic of Azerbaijan since 1995.

  The main activity of «AVEYPLAST» - production of polypropylene yarn and twine, wholesale produced products.
  Logistical base for the manufacture of the product - its own premises and equipment, technological equipment of production, the availability of highly skilled, sophisticated logistics, centralized provision of Ukrainian raw materials and semi-manufactures, are a guarantee of competitive pricing and timely execution of orders.
  Production capacity - 75 tons of string in a month.

  Office, manufacturing facilities and warehouses of the company are located at 16 km of the Kharkov-Belgorod - address: Kharkov, pp. Russian Lozovaya Str. Belgorod 1A.The location of the company outside of the city makes it easy and comfortable to drive up to it, without entering the city limits.

  We are opened for a collaboration and hope that an acquaintance with us will help you to do a approved choice, and our common relations will be long and mutually beneficial!